Who We Are



Sweetpea Charity is a nurturing and caring organisation, working in partnership with others to deliver solutions and outcomes for children living with disability and disadvantage in the UK.

Children supported by Sweetpea may be living with disability, life limiting medical conditions, or may be vulnerable due to parental substance misuse, domestic abuse, severe poverty, and neglect – all of which can have a detrimental effect on the health, mental health and well-being of a child. They may be children who are in need of specific equipment to support their daily living, such as specialised wheelchairs or car adaptions.

Sweetpea Charity believes that every child should have the support and equipment they need when they need it and in the way most accessible to them.

Every child deserves happiness – and because of the generous donations received from people like you we can continue to provide the nurture and care children need to thrive.

Through our projects and partnerships we support and encourage children to thrive and achieve to the very best of their abilities and dreams.

With your help we can deliver more excellent outcomes for children.

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Your decision to send a donation, whether large or small, really will help towards giving a child a more positive future. Thank you.