What We Do



Sweetpea provides equipment and project grants to support individual children and projects.

Sweetpea builds and promotes partnerships with local and national projects providing support or respite for children to give them access to appropriate services and leisure opportunities. To ensure they are supported to achieve their potential.

We do this through partnership working with projects (including other charities); provision of disability equipment and devices; respite opportunities; car adaptions; physiotherapy; and leisure activities. We seek to enable vulnerable and disadvantaged children to experience activities that otherwise may not be available to them.

We combine the business, marketing and fundraising expertise of Sweetpea Charity with the abilities of local projects’ expertise and experience to deliver what is needed for children within their communities and projects.

This model of working provides a perfect partnership of expertise and experience to deliver what children need at the local level. Allowing local project workers to focus on delivering services, whilst we support them via fundraising and grant giving. Ensuring that we are together able to support more children and families in need.

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Your decision to send a donation, whether large or small, really will help towards giving a child a more positive future. Thank you.