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The Hangout – shortlisted by Richard Branson in his 2015 ‘Pitch to Rich’ event!

It has been a very exciting time for our project partner Lead a Bright Future this month. As part of the project we put forward a submission to the Richard Branson 2015 ‘Pitch to Rich’ for a brilliant new opportunity for vulnerable children at the point of their leaving school and beginning their young adult lives.

logo lead a bright future

Our submission was for #TheHangout

The Hangout is quite simply an idea that will make countless young lives better. As we all know the world of work is changing at an unprecedented rate, and it is crucial that we nurture and support the creativity and talent of future generations.

The HangOut is game changing. It captures the spirit of our time. Enabling vulnerable children to lead productive lives and transform their world. The HangOut is a social enterprise inspired by, shaped by and led by children and young people. It brings to life a whole support network for children. Opening up a world of possibilities and potential. The HangOut will give children a place to feel understood, be listened to, and be seen. The social and economic benefits are incalculable: increasing innovation, enterprise and productivity, while reducing unemployment, depression, drug and alcohol addiction and crime. Children, as they become young adults, are seeking this and the economy needs it. We need to work together to make this happen.

Unfortunately we have missed out on one of the coveted top ten semi-finalist places of ‘Pitch to Rich 2015’. And this is such a huge shame. However spirits are still high and we are more determined than ever to make The HangOut a reality for vulnerable children and young people.

Coming so far in the ‘Pitch to Rich’ competition has given The HangOut some real credibility currency and has ensured we have generated many excellent stakeholders and contacts. We even have a Shortlister’ certificate’ and badge for the website – so the PR has been really worthwhile to get the project known about.

#VOOM Shortlisted

Some of you may have voted for our entry. And if you did please accept our huge thanks for all your time and support voting and sharing across Twitter and Facebook for example.

To have the quality of our pitch acknowledged by the Virgin Business team and supporters like you is something to be proud of, especially with being a later entry joining the public vote with only five days remaining.  The strength of support has been overwhelming.  What is clear is the real demand for the ‘Hangout’, we know for sure that this is something that children and young people, as well as education and business want and the economy needs.  We are now looking at the necessary next steps to ensure this becomes a reality.

We will soon be holding a meeting of stakeholders to look at a future income generating strategy and will bring you more on this, however in the meantime if you would like to donate to this project, or have any thoughts on possible opportunities please do be in touch.

You can email us at info@sweetpeacharity.org

If you wish to donate you can send a cheque or postal order made out to Sweetpea Charitable Trust and send to Sweetpea Charity, Office 30, The Old Brewery, Castle Eden, County Durham, TS27 4SU. And if you want your donation to go directly to The Hangout project please either send a note stating this with your donation, or just write The Hangout on the back of your cheque or postal order. Thank you very much.

All your support has a tremendous impact and we are on the cusp of creating something very special that will open up a world of possibilities and potential, enabling vulnerable children and young people to lead productive lives and transform their world.

Thank you so much once again, for reading our news and for supporting Sweetpea Charity and this project, and of course our many other projects. Have a great week!

 Thank you.