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Could you make #JustOneExtraGift to help a child?  Can I ask you to imagine a day when every child has what they need – regardless of their disability, illness, or life circumstances?

Well until that day comes, it is generous donations from kind and understanding people like you that can enable a child living in difficult circumstances to have the equipment and opportunities they need and deserve. A child like Eilidh.

A disabled girl being lifted into a wheelchair using a special lift with help from a care assistantEilidh is profoundly disabled and needed specialised wheels to ensure her mobility. At £4,000 these battery operated wheels were something that Eilidh’s family simply could not afford.

Without these wheels, everyday life for Eilidh was hard. But simply by providing the things that make daily tasks easier you can help make all the difference. The solution needed for the difficult mobility issues Eilidh was experiencing was independently battery powered wheels. Wheels that would fit directly to Eilidh’s own wheelchair.

It is donations from understanding people like you that ensured that Eilidh’s days were made just that bit easier. Because your generous donations meant we were able to work with Sense Scotland to provide these wheels for Eilidh. Bringing less isolation and more opportunity to discover things that brought joy.

So we are reaching out to you to ask if you can please send #JustOneExtraGift to help support a child like Eilidh. Disability a disabled child in a wheelchair relaxing outside together with a carer

Your gift could help provide specialist equipment to a child that needs it.
You could provide a place for a child to get practical support that will help them cope.
And you could provide a child with the opportunity to realise their potential and give them the support they need to achieve their best.

Please consider making #JustOneExtraGift via our donation page.

Or you can give your #JustOneExtraGift this Christmas by texting MYGIFT to 70660 to give £10 right now. (Text costs £10 plus network charge. Sweetpea Charity receives 100% of your donation. Do obtain bill payer’s permission. Charity No: 1122815. Sweetpea Charity receives 100% of your donation. Please obtain the bill payers permission.)

Thank you very much indeed for your kind and generous support.

Note: We have protected Eilidh’s identity and used stock photos, but the story is real.

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